pigment & glitter

so I’ve used up a sample size of moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner, as well as some of a bottle of the oil and I’m underwhelmed. It was okay, I’ve definitely used worse but my hair still feels pretty dry. The oil is alright for making my hair air dry into a nice shape but I don’t think it’s overly moisturising, a better oil which I have also used a whole sample bottle of was orofluido, maybe I will have a look into the rest of their range. I’m quite disappointed that moroccanoil didn’t work for me that well as I’ve heard people raving that it absolutely saved their hair. so far the best I have felt my hair feel was from redken’s all soft range.

also on the look out for a good dry shampoo, I used batiste and didn’t like it, klorane was better, and now I have a big bottle of tresemme and it sucks :[ I had high hopes for it because pixi2woo, one of my favourite youtube ‘gurus’ picked it as the best in one of her make up your mind monday videos, but its horrible in my hair.

does anybody know of a good one? and any other good hair products while your at it???

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